Friday, April 15, 2011

Five Minute Breakfast Poems (3)

(Just write. For 5 minutes. Each Friday in April.)

the woman in front of me

at the gas station line

was rude as could be

she cursed at the man who

tried to explain her card wasn’t working

in his broken english, the best he could do

as she stalked off, he was obviously upset

i told him to shrug it off and chalk it up to crazy

no need to sweat

i told him i knew her from work

i keep her kids

she’s always acting like a jerk

we laughed and i walked to my car

and thought how going through life so angry

can’t get you very far

and one more...

tomorrow is four years

i will be so sad.

even more sad than i am

three hundred sixty four other days a year.

but i am learning to find blessings

in the sad, so.

my intense emotion during basketball games

comes from him.

my finger-drumming during good songs

comes from him.

my don't-hold-back laughter

comes from him.

and my sadness tomorrow

just means

i miss you, dad. so much.

1 comment:

  1. Because I read it last, {{hugs}} to you for today's anniversary. I lost my dad 4+ years ago.

    Clever how you captured life in the first poem; chronicling a story between two people, good guys and bad :).