Friday, April 8, 2011

Five Minute Breakfast Poems (2)

(Just write. For 5 minutes. Each Friday in April.)

she bit me once

so i threw a wooden spoon at her

and i bit her once, too

after she punched me in the stomach

and it took my breath away

(not the punch, but the moment when i realized she was a fighter like me)

we’ve had our share and yours probably

of arguments over



the bathroom

but when she cries

(and lets me see her)

she eventually tells me why

and i don’t say much

(but i don’t leave)

and when i cry

she might sigh

(she might walk away)

but she understands

and she knows there is nothing to say

that hasn’t been said or thought already

and when we laugh

it can shake the world

and others may not join in

they may not see what lies under the surface

nineteen years of




(nineteen beautiful hectic beautiful painful beautiful years)

no, they won’t be able to see underneath it all

but they will know that something is there

something strong enough to never be destroyed

bruised, sometimes

dented, maybe

but we know each other too well

we push each other away

so we can make our own place

be our own selves

but we bond when it becomes necessary

because when the world is against us

it doesn’t stand a chance

like the laughter, it may shake us

but we will never break

we are sisters

the world doesn’t stand a chance.

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  1. Ah siblings... we can fight like cats and dogs, but together we can conquer the world. Nicely done.

  2. this:
    "we push each other away

    so we can make our own"

    is big time. I love this. There are many poems in those few words. xoxo thank you!

  3. and you can link anyone- just give credit back to the site xoxooxox

  4. My favorite part is:

    and when we laugh

    it can shake the world

    So great! I have a sister like that. There's nothing like it.