Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I was thirteen and I loved you.

Old enough to recognize those feelings that

the scent of your cologne

stirred deep down inside of me.

Young enough to still sleep

with my arm wrapped tightly around Clarence,

my ancient, one-eyed teddy bear.

I bought a can of your body spray,

(Axe Apollo, even though Tsunami was my favorite)

the smell familiar,

electrifying and calming all at once.

And when I missed your phone call

or wept over the fact that she was your girl

and I was your friend

or anytime I needed to feel a little less alone,

I coated Clarence with Axe Body Spray,

from his ears to his paws,

and wished it was your body my arm hugged,

your chest my head rested on,

as I drifted into sleep and dreams.

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