Thursday, September 29, 2016

If you want to forget about her forever.

If you want to forget about her forever,
don't drink alone,
and don't listen to songs
about blue eyed girls who love to dance.
And definitely don't drive down a two lane road
past open fields
with your windows down.
Go to bed early
and fall asleep right away
and don't think about the way she laughs in the dark
or the way her shampoo makes her hair smell like mint
or the way you opened up like a book
and told her all your secrets
while her fingers ran up and down your arm.
Keep yourself busy
and someday if you find one of her earrings behind the bedpost
you won't even need to remind yourself to breathe anymore
because she will have become a silhouette
with blurry edges,
a faded shadow of someone
you never even really knew.

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