Thursday, February 19, 2015


people say beautiful but that is such a common word.
when a mother holds to her outsides the baby she grew in her insides
or meets for the first time the baby she prayed for but didn’t grow at all
that bond
when a father walks his daughter toward her destiny
or a groom sees his destiny walking his way
that kiss
when a country salutes her soldiers returning from battle
or twenty one guns salute those who did not
those tears
when strangers rise up to stand as one during tragedy
and suddenly become so much more than strangers
that unity
when generations of a family gather in one place to celebrate
or when they gather to say goodbye
that history
when one finds another and suddenly 
there is no understanding of how life worked before
that love
people say beautiful but that is such a common word
to describe a sight a moment a feeling
that takes your breath away
and helps you realize how to breathe
all at once in a single breath's time
there is no word for that

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