Wednesday, April 18, 2012


we got drunk at three on a wednesday afternoon

we flirted with the waiters

miguel, i like your eyes

chigo, let’s dance

and they stuffed us with free tequila

and we let them have our phone numbers

but we will never answer their calls

we left with some guy she met once

went back to his place

he introduced us to his roomies

and showed us the back yard fire pit

this is where the magic happens, he said

she kissed him a little

and then we waited until he went to use the bathroom

and we made our break for it

nice meeting you

we got thrown out of a club

we were dancing too hard

too many eyes on us

and she called the bouncer a douchebag

so he grabbed her by the back of her neck

dragged her to the door

kicking and screaming

we were crying in anger and laughing hysterically

and we bolted when the cops arrived

just another story to tell someday

you will be

never had leftover sick days in school

never kept one boy around for too long

never had a plan ‘cause we can’t stick to them

we are the ones who bail

the ones who disappear

the nomads of our time

like trying to make a flower keep its color

like trying to pet a stray dog who's been hurt

like trying to nail water to a tree

we are never cornered

its us against the world


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