Monday, August 1, 2011

Just like us.

somewhere else in the world

far away from me

and somewhere kind of close to me, too

maybe, there is a girl.

she is just like me

and there is another girl

and she is just like my best friend.

all around the whole earth

on islands where girls braid flowers into their hair

in cities where people walk too fast to catch a glimpse of a stranger smiling on a good day

different places, we exist over and over again.

there are two girls in an english pub

drunk and swearing off boys forever

until the next handsome one walks by and they change their minds.

there are two girls exactly halfway around the world

cuddled up under their blankets on the couch

talking about how they wish they were halfway around the world

laying on a towel by the sea.

there are two girls, one town over

looking at all the old pictures that document the friendship of a lifetime

and they shout jinx when they say the exact same thing

and then they laugh because they know how precious and rare it is

to have someone think just like you do.

we say they must exist

and that it’s weird,

someone else

somewhere else

being just like us.

i wish we could meet them, i say

and she agrees

because if they’re just like us, she says

they’d make some damn good friends.

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  1. I love this! you are such a good writer!