Monday, March 28, 2011

From girl to angel.

Some days, I revisit memories that feel like a sore in my cheek, which I can’t stop running my tongue over.

So painful, and I can’t leave it alone.

One of my best childhood friends got into a terrible accident in high school. He barely survived, with injuries that required open-heart surgery and an extensive hospital stay. His fourteen-year-old sister was killed. There was no one at fault, nothing to blame, except for nasty weather and black ice.

I always think of them when it snows.

Months after the accident, we were sitting on my bed one night, and he started telling me about the wreck. He said he remembered listening as his sister’s life slipped out of her.

That was the most heart-wrenching thing I ever heard,

and the most beautiful.

There is nothing I can imagine that would be worse than losing the one I treasure most, the one I've known and loved for a lifetime. But if I had no choice in the matter? No one to be angry at and no one to seek revenge on?

I'd want to be there to witness the transformation from girl to angel.

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